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Andrew_Reynolds Andrew Reynolds Skateboarder

June 6, 1978
Lakeland, Fl

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DECK: Baker
TRUCKS: Independent
APPAREL: Altamont
CELL PHONE: Boost Mobile 

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Skateboarding Videos

Ronnie Creager vs Andrew Reynolds - DC 2011 Finals
Maloof Money Cup DC 2011 Finals - Manny Santiago vs Andrew Reynolds
Round 1 Jam 4 - Andrew Reynolds & Sierra Fellers

Skateboarding Photos

DSC_5278 Andrew Reynolds_FS Flip_Pro Open Practice Photo MMC_SAM CLARK_6 MMCDC2011_Andrew Reynolds_FrontsideFlip_to_Lipslide_credit_NeftalieWilliams MMCDC2011_andrewreynolds_champagnecelebration_credit_Neftalie MMCDC2011_andrewReynolds_interviewingwith AlexBristol_credit_Neftalie_Williams MMCDC2011_AndrewReynolds_withfirst place check_creditNeftalieWilliams andrew_reynolds_frontside_kickflip_MMCDC-kanights andrew_reynolds_hardflip_MMCDC-kanights andrew_reynolds_awards_MMCDC-kanights_01 andrew_reynolds_awards_MMCDC-kanights_02 andrew_reynolds_awards_MMCDC-kanights_03 andrew_reynolds_awards_MMCDC-kanights_04 andrew_reynolds_awards_MMCDC-kanights_05

Bio Text
If you're talking living skate legends, you're talking Andrew Reynolds, who's been one of the best known and most revered skaters in the world since the early 90s. Reynolds is one of the best technical shredders in the world, with untouchable precision and the ability to slaughter even the most insane features, like heelflipping and frontside flipping down a 17 stair. The founder of Baker Skateboards and creative director of Altamont Apparel, Reynolds has produced some classic video parts in Emerica's This is Skateboarding and Baker's Baker 3 and Baker Has a Deathwish. Reynolds is a prolific video game skater, with appearances in the original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Pro Skater 2-4 and Skate 3 among others. He may not be a huge fan of skate competitions, but when he does skate in them, you're not looking anywhere else. Most recently Reynolds dropped a soon-to-be legendary part in Emerica's Stay Gold - between his own career and the insane team he's put together on Baker, Reynolds is bound to be one of the inspiring bros everywhere to step on a board for years to come.