Maloof Money Cup DC Regional Am Contest

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Corey Huber_-_Back_Lip_thumb
The skate scene in DC was amazing and turned out to be one of the best results MMC has ever experienced. Thanks to everyone who came out to watch and participate! We're sorry that we were not able to get the names of all of the skaters, but we wanted to share some of the highlights from the event along with how talented they are. 

Back Lip

Backside Lipslide

Back Smith

Backside Smith Grind



Variel Heel

Regional Qualifier Yoshi Tanenbaum - Variel Heelflip

Nollie Cab

Nollie Cab

Feeble 2

Feeble Grind

Corey Huber_-_Back_Lip

Regional Qualifier Corey Huber - Backside Lipslide

Corey Huber_-_Fakie_Frontside

Regional Qualifier Corey Huber - Frontside Half Cab Flip