Maloof Money Cup DC Pro Qualifiers

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Layton -_Frontside_Flip_Thumb
After the Regional Am Contest, the Pro Qualifier quickly began. What went down set an amazing presidence for the remainder of the contest. Layton -_Frontside_Flip

Johnny Layton demonstrates that simply clearing the trash can for this Frontside Flip wasn't enough, he had to pop it high enough to clear a second can.

Alvarez -_Backside_Grab

Vincent Alvarez was tearing through the course skating it in ways that no one else was, here he decides to grab at the last minute during a Backside Ollie. 

Bennet -_180_5-0_180

The course allows for all types of skating: tranny, big gaps, and technical opportunities. Matt Bennett uses the technical approach with this Frontside 180 5-0 Back to Regular. 

Carlin -_Double_Flip

Jimmy Carlin had the entire crowd laughing with his personality and outbursts. This Double Flip came after screaming about something I'm sure.

Hoffart -_Kickflip

It would be hard to name a trick that didn't go down this weekend over the trash can, so adding style to everything is crucial. Here Jordon Hoffart goes Bruce Lee on a Kickflip.

Salabanzi -_Full_Cab_Flip

Bastien Salabanzi has been skating well the whole weekend, and tricks like this Full Cab Kickflip weren't even unleashed at practice until this heat.

Sauder -_Front_Shuv

Again, add some style and flare into the trick and people will notice. Keegan Sauder only knows style, explaining this Front Shuv.

Stanton -_Stale_Fakie

Darrel Stanton for me is always one of the most exciting people to watch skate, his ability to do the most technical trick so fluid makes him pleasure to watch. Tricks like this Stalefish to fakie was done after his heat was over for fun.

Asta -_Back_Noseblunt

When Tom Asta's heat comes up, the crowd instantly gets louder. He hardly misses tricks, this Back Noseblunt was just one of many casual tricks to go down from him. 

Hill -_Shuv_50-50

It's between Garrett Hill and Manny Santiago for who owed the Gold Rail on Saturday, this Pop Shuv 50-50 was landed more than once.

Hill -_Pop_Shuv

No one has Pop Shuv Its like Garrett Hill, no one. 

King -_Pop_Shuv_Tail_Spinner

Lizard King was a easily one of the fan favorites, with people cheering his name before he even got to the course. Here he doesn't disappoint with a Pop Shuv Tailgrab for the love.

King -_One_Footer_Front_Board

Lizard King's trick selection just brings a smile to your face and is so refreshing to see, One Footer Front Board.