Maloof Money Cup DC Pro Semi Finals

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Reynolds -_Kickflip_Noseslide_thumb
With only 12 spots open for the finals and over twenty people skating in the semi finals, people were throwing down their best to try and claim a spot. Reynolds -_Kickflip_Noseslide

Taking the First Place in the Semi Finals was Reynolds after destroying the entire park. This Kickflip Noseslide was part of a line that then went on to kill the trash can and quarter pipe. 

Alvarez -_Fakie_Thrust_Crook

Vincent Alvarez squeezed into the Finals after claiming the 12th spot. Tricks like this Fakie Crook back to Regular and other unique tricks will make him a great person to see on Sunday.

Asta -_Back_Smith

Tom Asta is going to leave a major impression on people if they weren't already familiar with him, tricks like this Back Smith are just one example. 

Bachinsky -_5-0_2_Switch_Crook

Dave Bachinsky was a walk on to the contest, and after skating like he did all weekend should be invited to more. This 5-0 to Switch Crook was later flipped out of as well. 

Berry -_Nollie_Heel

Caswell Berry wins just for showing up, any tricks done like this Nollie Heel is just a bonus. 

Busenitz -_Back_Noseblunt

With so much going on, you're constantly moving around trying to get in position for something good. With Dennis Busenitz, just sit back and wait for him to come to you, Backside Noseblunt. 

Curtain -_Nosegrind

The DC locals are repping the city proper and the crowd definitely appreciates it. Jack Curtain had so many good lines, so technical. Look at his truck on this Nosegrind, how?

DeCenzo -_180_Nosegrind

Ryan DeCenzo is up against Bastien for the finals, then the winner of that goes against Lutzka. He's going to need this 180 Nosegrind.

Schultz -_Back_Smith

With the Back Smith, Anthony Schultz killed the whole park with the cleanest style. 

Westgate -_Front_3

Brandon Westgate received one of the wild cards for the Semi Finals, because the judges knew tricks like this Front 360 would happen. 

Provost -_Ollie

Collin Provost copuld walk away with a win in the Finals if he skates the way he did during the finals, no part of the park is safe. Ollie from quarter to bank.

Provost -_180_Crook_180

With the rain delay it started to get a bit dark, but that didn't stop Collin from this Front 180 Switch Crook Back to Regular. 

Worrest -_Back_Smith

Bobby Worrest has a fan club that is an entire stand. DC's favorite came in 2nd in the Semi Finals and was skating on point with this Back Smith.

Layton -_Front_Blunt

Johnny Layton just missed the cut on making it into the finals even after skating great all day. This Front Blunt was how he started his heat.

Santiago -_Kickflip_Board

Manny Santiago. If you had the opportunity to watch this heat, you know he fell only once. Unbelievable run, this Kickflip Boardslide was one of a dozen tricks done in three minutes.


Heath Kirchart skated the contest. 

Kirchart -_One_Footer

I'm still in owe that Kirchart skated, anything he landed was magic. This Backside One Footer I think even surprised him at how last minute he did it. 

Photos taken by Patrick Walsh