Maloof Money Cup DC Am Contest

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3MW 6441

With the money on the line and a trip to South Africa for the winner, people got down. Ishod Wair took top ranks after destroying the course with massive tricks like this Front 360.

3MW 6230

Elijah Berle skated the course unlike anyone else the entire weekend. Completely spontaneous in so many situations, you were lucky to catch a photo of him. Here he improvises a Backside Boneless.

3MW 6262

Setting aside the van for a couple of days, Sebo Walker was flown to the contest to demonstrate effortless style with tricks like this Back Smith.

3MW 6274

Gilbert Crockett is a silent killer, sneaking up when you least expect it to Kickflip waste deposit cans.

3MW 6285

Congrats to Connor Champion's parents for giving him the best marketing name ever. It's gotta look good on checks when you cash them in for Back Smiths like this.

3MW 6345

Matt Berger turned some heads this weekend with his consistancy. Tricks like Front Noseslides were warm up. He went on to win the Best Trick contest with a Front Blunt Big Flip out on the Gold Rail.

3MW 6347

Yoshi Tanenbaum was one of the locals from the Regional Contest that qualified for the Am Contest. Here he stomps a Smith Grind.

3MW 6352

Felipe Gustavo tippie toes his way through this Overcrook, such a good style.

3MW 6383

Anyone else love Trevor Colden's intro video onto Mystery? Kid rips, this Front Feeble being a prime example.

3MW 6432

Taylor Smith Kickflipping into the atmosphere.

3MW 6440

Curren Caples practices for this Overcrook by renting bicycles and jumping them off of curbs outside the hotel, that helps, right?

All photos taken by Patrick Walsh