Maloof Money Cup DC Finals

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3MW 6744

The trick that best summed up the contest, Reynolds with the Kickflip Lip to seal the win.

3MW 6738

The consistancy of Reynolds down the stairs was insane, Variel Heelflips were landed almost every heat.

3MW 6712

Ronnie Creager was a walk on to this contest, and with tricks like this Switch Hardflip, it will most likely get him invited to upcoming events.

3MW 6723

Creager didn't hesistate to skate all parts of the park, putting down this Front Lipslide before killing the ledges and manual pad.

3MW 6695

Manny Santiago has been killing the contests lately. This Nosegrind 180 was done after embarressing the Gold Rail.

3MW 6697

Manny Santiago has such a good Impossible, always wrapped around the foot.

3MW 6670

Lutzka coming through big with the Frontside Flip that could clear two trash cans.

3MW 6663

Tom Asta was able to skate the Gold Rail like a flat bar all weekend, making Back Smiths effortless and clean.

3MW 6637

The Bobby Worrest Fan Club kept everyone entertained from the stands all weekend, and Bobby rewarded them with treasures of Back Smiths and quick tricks on every obstacle.

3MW 6605

Kickflip 50-50 are warm up for Figgy, or the beginning of a line ending in him going big over the trash can.

3MW 6583

Tom Asta could Kickflip Nosegrind in his sleep, in fact I would question if he hadn't already.

3MW 6577

It was a bummer to see Collin Provost dislocate his shoulder, tricks like this channel Ollie definitely would have put him in higher standing. Was good to see him walk off of the course alright.

 3MW 6565

The way that Vincent Alvarez can just do tricks having no clear idea of what he is going to do next is amazing, I doubt he even realized he was doing a Switch Smith at Mach 5.

3MW 6552

Local favorite Jack Curtain did DC proud, Fakie Ollie 50-50 is no laughing matter in the Gold Rail.

3MW 6543

Ryan DeCenzo had a tweaked ankle, but you would have never known it from this Frontside Tailslide.

All photos taken by Patrick Walsh