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Well done on placing 17th in the Maloof Money Cup Pro Street. Did you have any expectations of how you would place before Maloof?
I just skated and saw what happened hey. In the first round, I came 5th and then in the finals I came 17th, so I don't know how that happened, but I guess I just messed up.

How did you find the contest, skating against all the pro's? Were you nervous, or did you just do your thing?
I was nervous, but it was just a really really big experience for me getting to skate with all the pro's because they're on another level, and they were impressed by my skating.

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What were some of the highlights of your weekend, besides the Pro Street competition?
Well I stayed with Andrew for one night, and staying with my friends in the campsite. They were all partying and stuff. Apparently there was this one guy who got so drunk that he knocked himself out with a bottle.

What was your overall impression of the Maloof Money Cup?
I think that the way the whole event was run, the marble, the whole park, was really cool. I mean, where can you find a park like that here? It was unbelievable.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Well it would be nice to go on tour, and maybe go overseas again.

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