Chris Cole repeats in Maloof Money Cup (LA Times)

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Chris Cole repeats in Maloof Money Cup (LA Times)

As seen in the LA Times
Chris Cole Repeats


Cole puts on a show in his final run to beat out Nyjah Huston in the street skateboarding competition.
August 08, 2010|By DeAntae Prince

Street skateboarder Nyjah Huston didn't fall in his final run Sunday, and landed 16 tricks.

Huston seemed unreachable, but Chris Cole, the winner of last year's Maloof Money Cup in Costa Mesa, had one shot left.

He needed a score of 93 points for his third consecutive win at a Cup event. He got a 97, and won in his last attempt at the contest before joining the Rob Dyrdek Street League, which has an exclusivity rule after 2010.

"I wouldn't say fun," Cole said of watching Huston's perfect run. "It was really nerve-racking to watch him do it, but in the long run, I'm really happy that I was there to witness it."

Many didn't think there was any chance Huston would lose after he scored a 98 on his final run. Fellow street skateboarder Adam Dyet said, "Everyone's going for second right now, boys."

Cole was the favorite from the beginning, but many riders made runs at the Cup's $100,000 prize for the winner of skateboard street.

Cole scored 286.33, Huston 281.67 and third-place finisher Sean Malto 281.33.

"It's been quite a wild ride," Cole said. "It's definitely something to look back on, and be happy and proud at something you did."

Brazil's Bufoni wins girls' competition

Leticia Bufoni's long trip from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Costa Mesa proved to be worth it.

The 17-year-old won $25,000 in the Cup girls' skateboard street contest. She slid the back of her skateboard down a rail to finish first and take a two-point edge on second-place finisher Alexis Sablone. Marisa Del Santo took third.

Through a translator, she said her ability to compete well in all three sections of the street course led to the Cup championship.

Wair is winner in amateur event

Echaud Wair won the skateboard street amateur final, beating Tom Asta, 265 points to 263.33. Theotis Beasley scored 256.33 to finish third.

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